AC Thermal Stability Test For SPD

AC Thermal Stability Test For SPD
AC Thermal Stability Test For SPD
Product Description

The thermal stability tester is applicable forthe thermal stability test of SPDs. It is for indoor operation. One frequencyAC power source with a constant current between 2mA ~5A is applied on the SPD.The current through the SPD and the surface temperature of the SPD arecontinuously monitored to check if it reaches thermal equilibrium, and thedisconnectors act.

Technical parameters

1.    (1) Requirement ofinput power: L1-L2, AC220V, 60Hz, 10kVA

(2) Output ACvoltage: maximum AC 1500V with measuring accuracy of ±10%;

(3) Outputcurrent: maximum 5A with measuring accuracy of ±10%;

(4) Voltage andcurrent measurement:RMS;

(5) Voltagewaveform: AC sine wave, waveform distortion rate less than 5%;

(6) Currentadjustment range for AC:1mA~5A (4 ranges: 1~10mA, 10mA~100mA, 100mA~1A, 1A~5A);

(7) Temperaturemeasurement range: 0~200℃, measuring accuracy is ±1℃;

(8) Temperaturemeasurement: 8 channels (K series), Omega thermocouple;

(9) Dimension ofthe control cabinet is W*D*H=1200*900*1700mm, weight is about 300kgs;

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